4 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tile

4 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tile

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by Blake Lockwood, Interior Designer @ Decor Snob

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. When carrying out renovations, it is imperative to include it in your plans to get holistic decoration results.

One of the best ways of breathing life into your bathroom is by choosing your tile correctly.

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Here are some of the most important tips that you should consider during the selection process.

1. Choose a Tile that you Must Have

Picking a must-have tile that you love is the first step that you should make to get the best results once the renovation project is complete.

There is a wide array of tiles that you can use to make your bathroom special and unique. So take time to compare and contrast the different types on the market. Choose one that resonates with your needs and preferences.

With that dream tile in your mind, choosing others to use will be easy.

2. Limit yourself to no more than 3 Different Types

Your first tile choice is the first one that you should include on your list of materials that you will buy.

Go a step further and choose two other different types of tiles that blend and compliment the first one to get the ideal interior design.

For instance, if you prefer a specific pattern or color; choose tiles that have more subtle colors.

But if you do not have a specific design, you can experiment with different tiles, the choice is all yours!

Ideally, you will be choosing a tile for the bathroom floor, a wall tile for the shower or tub section, and an accent tile that will be used as a focal point.

3. Consider Maintenance and Repairs Required

As you embark on choosing your tile, it is recommended to consider the maintenance and repair procedures that are associated with your preferred tile.

If you hate cleaning or have little time to work on the bathroom during the weekend, you should consider purchasing porcelain or ceramic tile for the tub and shower area.

Pro tip: It is also important to note that tiles made from a natural stone material are more delicate and need more maintenance.

Delicate tiles need to be sealed to increase their durability. But, if you must use stone tiles, consider having them installed on the floor or other sections that are less wet.

If you have a “healthy” budget (ie. lots of cash to spend), you can decide to install glass tile on the walls. Glass tile is elegant and very stylish, but not recommendable for floors as they can get super slippery.

4. Choosing your Tile Based on Scale

Nowadays, large scale tile are common in bathroom floors as they make the room bold and warm (ex. 24″ x 24″ or 12″ x 24″).

If you decide to use them, you can request the contractor to cut some of them into smaller sizes for use in other sections of the bathroom to save money.

Finally, you need to consider the cost of purchasing and installing your preferred tile. Avoid plunging yourself into any form of financial turmoil because you are going tile crazy.

A professional home renovation contractor can help you choose the best tile on the market as well as help you budget for the entire project.