All about the roof frame

All about the roof frame

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If you walk through your neighborhood then you probably know the fact that there are various types of roofs such as gambrel, mansard, flat, gable, hipped and more. Many houses also make use of the different types of the roof on a single roof also and it is quite common as well such as gable dormers and hipped roof.

The shape of the roof is one of the most important factors of the house and roof plays a huge role in the architectural style of the house. The shape of the roof also shows and dictates how costly as well as difficult it is to build down the roof and most importantly how it serves the house and its structure.  For example – shed and flat roofs are easy to construct and lay and it is also easy to build as well.  While on the other hand mansard rooms and gambrel roofs offer great height for the attic rooms.  As per the type of the roof, framing will be either tough or simple. There are basically two different types of roof framing and you need to learn about the roof framing basics prior to any work such as –

Truss frame – In this process forms of pre-built wood are used in order to build the frame of the roof.

Stick frame – In this process of framing, professionals make use of the dimensional or ordinary lumber in order to create the frame of the roof.

However, it doesn’t matter what type of framing you are going with, there is a common factor that is important for both type of framing and that is the roof of the pitch. Roof pitch is basically steepness or an angle of the framed roof. It is also up to you what type of roof you prefer flat pitched roof or steeply pitched roof.

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