Alternatives to An Attached Garage at Your Home

Alternatives to An Attached Garage at Your Home

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Having an attached garage can be a convenient and safe place to store your car and extra stuff. However, if your home didn’t come with an attached garage and you don’t have the money or space to build one it could seem like you’re out of luck. Fortunately for you, there are some cheaper alternatives that you can get for your home.

Prefab garages are an easy choice for the homeowner looking for one, two, three, or even four car garages. These are detached structures that can be placed anywhere on your property where local ordinances allow them. Prefab two car garages come with all the traditional advantages of an attached garage, such as security and protection from the elements, but at a fraction of the cost. This is the closest alternative that you’re going to get to an attached garage at your residence.

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Carports are another great alternative to traditionally attached garages. These typically come with just a roof that protects your vehicle from the sun, snow, and other harsh weather. Some individuals do prefer to include a partial side wall as a windbreak or slight visibility blocker. Carports can be built off the side of your home at a much cheaper price than a full-blown attached garage. These also can be simply erected with temporary metal poles and sheeting as a roof anywhere on your property that you would like to park.

That old storage shed out back can be easily converted into a new shed for your vehicle. By simply adding a ramp and garage door you can start to park your car in a secured and weather-free environment. If you don’t currently have a storage shed, you can easily purchase one that has already been converted into a garage. These come with the added convenience of having them installed anywhere on your property you would like and most come be easily moved if you change your mind later down the road.

If you are lacking in the funding department, a cheaper alternative to keeping your vehicle free from the sun and harsh weather is a tent. These can typically be purchased at local hardware stores in various sizes. They’re very simple to assemble and are portable, so you can take it with you when you move or even when you go on vacation. Most tents usually come with just a top section of a tarp, however, you can easily attach more tarping to the sides of the tent to create an enclosed area for your car to be stored in.

Awnings are a very cheap alternative to an attached garage. Awnings can be easily supported with a couple of bars attached to the side of your home. This provides protection for the top and at least one side of your vehicle. Some individuals do choose to construct a small wall of bricks on the open side of the awning to help create a break from the wind.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to an attached garage for their home. Regardless of why there are many great alternatives that can provide security and protection of your vehicle. At this point, you should have a good idea of what type of alternative will fit your property and budget.