Benefits And Inspirational Ideas Of Using Pleated Shades Window Solution For Your Home

Benefits And Inspirational Ideas Of Using Pleated Shades Window Solution For Your Home

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Pleated blinds are stylish and practical window solution. These can be an ideal choice for your home.

Reasons why pleated blinds are perfect choice

  • Pleated blinds are suitable in any size of windows. Unlike roller and roman blinds that look elegant on picture or big windows pleated compliment windows in small apartments, also.
  • Pleated shades are found in light-filtering, opaque, and transparent material options, so you get good options to fulfil light control needs.
  • Range of whites, bold vibrant and neutral shades enable you to play with colures. In addition, you get to select variety of prints, textures, and designs. This ensures that you will find a style that will certainly complement your room.
  • Corded, cordless or remote-control versions are available.
  • Beautiful 1 to 2 inch pleats in this kind of shade from bottom to top can be re-pleated neatly, whenever raised.
  • Very much affordable in comparison to roman and roller blinds.

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Besides style and colour pleated shades include the following features like –

Cordless lift – A hidden control is provided to raise and lower the shade easily with fingers.

Motorized lift – With a push on the button, pleated shades can be operated easily.

Top down & bottom up controls – Pleated shades can be lowered or raised in any direction to allow privacy just like café curtain.

Continuous cord loop control – Cords of pleated shades are secured to window frame or wall. It means only few chords get displayed. This is the best choice for heavy and large shades.

Liners – select light-filtering or black-out liners to obtain ideal light control for pleated shades.

Inspirational ideas

Get inspired with pleated shades window solution ideas.

Pleated daily look

Vekkiverhot (Pleated blinds) provide casual, soft and good look, at attractive price. These are designed from a single fabric piece folded into crispy pleats, which crumple and pile tidily. You even get 2 inch pleat size suitable for large windows. Opacity levels can be chosen or liner can be attached for extra light control.

Pleated patio doors

Sliding patio doors can be decorated with pleated shades because they provide a slim profile. Thus you get good clearance behind the patio door handles. Stacking height is also very small, when fully opened, so is ideal to mount it outside over the sliding patio door. Small space is needed for stacking neatly, so people with height will not need to duck while going in or out. Cleaning pleated shades is easy, so high traffic through patio doors will be easily kept clean with dusting, daily.

Pleated large window

Wide and large windows are challenging, due to their size. Wider shades or blinds are costly. Install a single headrail and order 2 shades, which will give a streamlined look and the cost, will be very less.

Pleated RV

Try pleated shade in your RV instead of standard mini blinds. Pleated shades are lightweight having no slats that can trap dust from campground. Minimum stacking height and slim profile means they will not get in your way on road. If you have pets and kids then opt for cordless pleated shades. Thus you can add a little flair to your on tour lifestyle.

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