Block Property Management Software

Block Property Management Software

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Property owners and managing agents already have a multitude of stresses in their working life. Suppose their lives could be made easier though? By using proprietary Block Property Management Software such as MUS System 505, do you think they would be interested? They should be – and here’s the reasons why.

More productivity

By adopting Block Property Management Software specifically designed for blocks of flats – by commercial surveyors with over 25 years experience no less – managing agents and property owners will increase their productivity exponentially.

Why? Because all those days taken up with the minutiae of block property management are suddenly far more peaceful, less hassle and more efficient due to Block Property Management Software. All those everyday tasks that used robe such a chore? No more – Block Property Management Software takes care of them for you, leaving you more time for your day (and other tasks)

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Regulatory compliance

Nobody likes rules and regulations do they? Not least when they take hours of time to understand and implement. Unfortunately though, they’re a necessary evil in block property management and the industry generally.

But suppose there was a better way, a way that involved Block Property Management Software to ensure you are working to industry rules and regulations correctly? Wouldn’t that make your day for less stressful, by taking care of the biggest drains of energy and resources?

Takes care of accounting, so you don’t need to

Other than accountants, is there anyone else that likes their time and focus being taken up on accounting? Although it’s important to bring in the income, accounting is a real chore – unless you let Block Property Management Software take care of it for you, that is!

A closer look at why Block Property Management Software can help you

To increase your profitability and productivity, you need Block Property Management Software that is both easy-to-use yet powerful enough to take care of all the relevant tasks in property managing blocks of flats.

Portfolio Control

Documentation is taken care of by Block Property Management Software, including :-

  • rent demand production
  • letters to tenants
  • collection of arrears

Journalling of key events, works completed, notices etc. is documented including a full transaction history for every property.

Service Charges

Service Charges are a breeze, because Block Property Management Software can accommodate any lease provision and includes facilities for reserve fund calculation, contributions and expenditure against budget.


As mentioned previously, a comprehensive accounting package forms the basis of Block Property Management Software which expedites all transactions, including reconciliation and interest calculation. VAT is also calculated (where applicable) and multiple bank accounts can be managed.


Finally, reporting modules provide extensive details about every aspect of your portfolio. Customised reports can also be created using a Report Generator to ensure you’ve full control over everything.

Conclusion: Block Property Management Software is the key to managing your blocks of flats

Why would you waste time with several different programs or apps when instead you could use one purpose-built, specialist Block Property Management Software?

If you’re serious about increasing profitability and productivity whilst saving time and stress, could you really afford to be without Block Property Management Software?