Buying the best investment properties

Buying the best investment properties

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Real estate investment is taking a low dip all over the world. In this atmosphere of recession, it is heartening to know that there are places on the mother earth where you can invest in properties and gain good return on the properties by fetching good rental on your property. It is again good news that the amount of money you need to invest in the property is much less from the world standards. Bahamas is one of such places which attract lots of investors due to its pro landlord policies. You can go for good properties at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate | MCR Bahamas Group.

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Why to buy properties at Bahamas?

  • You will feel good to know that the laws governing the tenancy in Bahamas are quite pro for landlord. The rental business can be divided into two categories one is short term rental where you rent your property on holiday rental. The other way to rent the property is common rental. If you rent your property for holiday rental you can go for 20to 50% advance rental. If you wish to give your property for common rental you can ask for security deposits and further you can ask for the first and the last month rental in advance.
  • You got to register your property with the local authorities if you want to give your property for rental on a very limited fee.
  • As the place is catching the fancy of the tourist the capital city of Bahamas islands, Nassau is the most popular holiday destination. Hence any property purchased in the city is going to fetch good rental for the landlord and to add icing to the cake, the value of the property is also on the rise year after year. So an investment in property is very much likely to gain good dividend on the investment.


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