Exterior Door Surrounds Pilasters: Your Perfect Option

Exterior Door Surrounds Pilasters: Your Perfect Option

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People of today’s era look for a designer and architect for having a perfect dream house. External door surrounds pilasters are sadly underused in architectural details on many of the houses. Do we know what pilaster is? Pilasters are narrow trim pieces which particularly run vertically along sides to sides and also sometimes with flutes. But do we ever thought from where do we find these pilasters for our doors and what kind of materials is to be required as the best option for our door?

In this writing, we will focus on few pilasters which would be good for your doors,and you can choose as per your requirement.

Fiberglass pilasters:

 It is one of the strong material and also light in weight. It final touch and look is smooth and looks like plastic. Just because of its plastic look many of the homeowners don’t find it attractive and avoid using it as it seems fake looking products. Also, it doesn’t hold paints, which means a regular and frequent retouching is required.

Stucco Pilasters:

 These pilasters are made from the synthetic material called EIFS. They are a mixture of lightweight Styrofoam core, meshed fiberglass and upper coating of modified cement. They have the feature of lightweight but inorganic just like concrete. These pilasters are easy to install during a retrofit and are very durable. The market has a wide range of these pilasters; they are expensive than those of wood pilasters and also have a great lifespan of near to 20-30 years.

Wooden Pilasters:

 Wood pilasters are the least expensive amongst all the varieties of pilasters. As we all are aware that it is an organic material so suspecting of molds, insects infraction and rot is quite common. A wood sealer helps to preserve these wood pilasters by pressure treating. In short wooden pilaster is the poor choice for exterior door and external décor products.

Precast Pilasters:

These pilasters are the most expensive one amongst all the pilasters. This is concrete pilaster. They are made up of concrete material that is the reason they come 2-3 times more costly than others. But we all know that a product has a good side and bad side both. These concrete pilasters lack in affordability, durability, and longevity. The high-quality production ensures to verify every piece of these pilasters. They are highly inorganic and have a long lifespan which is near to 50-80 years. Concrete pilasters are dense which somehow makes them highly impact resistant.

Well, after going through this writing you must be clear about what option would be the best for your doors. For more transparent knowledge you have to do good homework on theinternet.

Many of the companies are also there which provide these services to customers and dealsmajorly in such pilasters, patio canopies, and roofs,etc. choice is yours and market has lot many options as per your requirement, thedecision is yours which one you want to choose. For more information, you can go to the site http://www.fibreglassmouldings.co.uk/pilasters.asp.

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