Great Reasons Why it’s More Than a Good Idea to Fit Solar Window Film

Great Reasons Why it’s More Than a Good Idea to Fit Solar Window Film

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A lot of people nowadays, still when hearing the words “solar window film”, will associate it with car window tinting. Not that many know that the advantages of vehicle glass tinting can also be used at their homes.

Residential solar window film helps to safeguard the health and comfort of you and your loved ones, help protect the interior of your home, keep power costs lower by the saving of energy, provide more privacy and make your home look like a much more attractive place to live!

Reducing Heat

Solar window film for the home or office has now become one of the most favoured and effective methods of reducing unwanted solar heat transference coming in through windows.

It actually contributes to around an 80% reduction in interior heat when being compared to untreated glass, and will also help to cool any sun-drenched areas in the home and/or office.

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Your Home or Office security is enhanced

  • Anytype of accident, environmental events or mindless vandalism has the potential to transform any pane of glass into hazardous shards.

Specialised glass protection film in Perth, will act as a safety barrier by keeping any pieces of shattered glass together in one area, and will also deter ill intended intruders.

Matters ofFading and Health

Solar window film actually blocksout an amazing 99% of UV rays, which as mentioned above helps toreduce heat and will also assist in protecting your beloved furnishings from fading.

  • This amazing film provides a screen for your skin against the harmful effects of solar rays.

Farewell toGlare

Whatever the cause may be, such as direct sunlight, reflections from snow, water, or buildings, this ideal window film solution helps in cutting out any annoying glare.

  • Say farewell to dazzling reflections from outside!

Energy Saving Advantages

Alowering of temperature imbalances brought on by extreme sunlight is why today, designers, architects and building engineers are making use of window film.

Any reduction in the loss of heat increases HVAC effectiveness and once again lowers energy bills.

Hello BetterPrivacy

If your home is overlooked by neighbours or by-passers, then solar window film offers you a great solution which still allows daylight into your home.

You can savour24/7 year round privacy, because now you can look out, but outsiderscan’t look in!

Enhanced Visuals

No matter if it’s a modernbuilding or older, there’s a superbrange of window film that can aesthetically increase the exterior and interior of any home or office.

Installation Is Much Easier than You Think

The expert installation of solar window film is surprisingly quick and without any qualms. There’s hardly anydisturbance to your day to day lifestyle and/or work schedule and in no time at all, you’ll soon be enjoying all the benefits of your new home solar window film.

For your home to be looking and feeling great, ithas never been easier!

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