Helping You Add That Extra Value to Your Home

Helping You Add That Extra Value to Your Home

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For people who’re planning on moving home this year and not getting the price which you wanted, do not panic because we can help you. Each and every year people move homes and not get the asking price which they needed and wanted, so we have come together and gave helpful times on advice on how to add value to your home.

Helping you add value to your home…


  • We always advise people to ask the estate agent what they can approve upon when they come to value their home. Not only this, but it is advised to work on these areas in hope to increase the value of their home.
  • By simply re-painting the walls of the halls and rooms can be handy as everyone loves the fresh smell of paint, also by painting the walls a light colour can help as it makes the rooms look brighter and bigger.
  • Everyone loves a good driveway and garden so make sure yours is something to be proud of. Indian sandstone can be great for driveways and in your garden, not to mention natural stone has been incredibly popular over the recent years with many people choosing to have it in their garden.
  • Perhaps re-designing your kitchen or garden can help, if its rather old fashioned then why not modernising it, people are going for the modernised homes now, so the more appealing your home looks to them, the higher the chance is that they will make an offer.
  • Have you ever thought about making your home open-planned? If you have a lot of small rooms down stairs which some of them you don’t even use, then why not knock some walls down and make your home bright and airy. Every loves an open-planned home so makes
    sure yours falls into the category, it isn’t as hard as you think either.
  • Got tired, worn out carpets? Replace them. You don’t have to replace them with new carpets either, you can purchase wooden flooring and use that for a sleek fashionable look.
  • To ensure that your viewers put an offer in your home, why don’t you purchase some new furniture to draw people in and make them fall in love with the interior. Because after all, if they like the look of the house and can imagine living their themselves – the better chance you have.


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