How Does the Air Conditioner in Your Car Work?

How Does the Air Conditioner in Your Car Work?

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People who search for auto AC repair Chino Hills will want to know how their car’s air conditioner works, and in this article, we will discuss some basic components of your vehicle’s AC.


Refrigerant is moved into the condenser from the compressor in the form of a pressurized gas. The process of pressurizing the refrigerant creates heat, but as we will see later, depressurizing this substance will cause it to become cold. The process of water evaporation and condensation is similar to the way the refrigerant changes between a liquid and a gas state.


It is here that water will be removed from the refrigerant, as it moves through the line on its way to the evaporator. Desiccants, which are small water-attracting pellets, will work to separate the water from the refrigerant. This is a necessary process, as any remaining water can form into ice crystals and can cause damage to the air conditioning unit.

Thermal Expansion Valve

As the refrigerant moves through this area, it is allowed to expand, thus reducing the pressure it is under. The valve senses how much is moving through at a time, and it regulates it so that it flows through steadily. We are moving to the low-pressure part of the system, as the previous components comprise the high-pressure side.

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Compressor, Refrigerant, and Fan

The compressor functions with energy it receives from the crank shaft, as the pump is attached to a belt that connects crank shaft and compressor. The compressor serves to move refrigerant to and from the evaporator. Once in the evaporator, it expands, becoming gaseous again, and it is run through coils. As air is drawn across the coils, it is cooled and moved by the fan through the vents to where the people riding in the car can feel it.

On a side note, many people will refer to refrigerant as Freon, which was actually the brand name for R-12 and CFC-12, but these are no longer in use. Cars made after 1996 use newer, safer, substances known as R-134a or HFC-134a, and this information is useful for people who are looking for auto AC repair Chino Hills.

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