How to Start Digital Marketing for a Construction Company

How to Start Digital Marketing for a Construction Company

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With the advent of the internet businesses have gone online. And with this has come the need to undertake digital marketing to drive business growth. A construction company can get digital marketing done by either hiring an in-house digital marketing strategist or can hire a third party digital marketing agency. Nevertheless, the starting point will be the same for anybody who undertakes general contractor marketing for digital space.

  1. Define the Objective

It is always important to set the objectives for digital marketing before you start. The two major objectives of digital marketing can be:

  • Create brand awareness for the business
  • Generate leads for the business

Depending on these objectives the rest of your digital marketing plan will be created.

  1. Define the Channels

Once you know what you want to achieve, then you need to think of how you are going to achieve it. Not all digital channels are ideal for all objectives. For example, if you want to create brand awareness then you need to use social channels like Twitter and Facebook. These channels will give your business better visibility and help you reach out to larger audience. The higher the number of reach and impressions in the statistics of these channels, the better it is. If you are going to focus on lead generation, then email marketing and LinkedIn marketing should be your preferred channels because here you can do targeted messaging.

  1. Set up a Calendar

Once the channels are identified then create a calendar for what message will go out on which channel. You should know what has to be done when. Ideally, you should be running a common theme across all channels for a more complete digital engagement. You can start with a quarterly calendar and then take it from there.

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