Looking for Workplace Happiness? Move to Yorkshire

Looking for Workplace Happiness? Move to Yorkshire

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Did you know that Yorkshire has recently been named the best region in the UK for workplace happiness, with London only managing to make it to position 5 for happiness and coming bottom for work satisfaction. In line with this many companies and business from around the UK are now looking to move their business operations to Yorkshire, and with many offices and workshops to let in Yorkshire currently there really has never been a better time to make the move.

Many people before this research came apparent believed London to be the best place to work when looking for happiness at work, with people not only from across the country but across the world traveling to London to land their ‘dream jobs’ each year, having to face sky-high rental prices and living costs, but why? Why move to London in search for happiness when there are much more affordable places to relocate which can provide much more happiness?

New Research Findings

A whopping 77% of people in Yorkshire have stated that they are happy at work, with the national average being 63%. In addition to this nine in ten people from Yorkshire said that they get on with everyone in their teams, which is incredibly great, as workplaces are typically much, much happier when everyone gets along.

The research also found that people from Yorkshire find their jobs more interesting than those from other regions, having good friends in their workplaces and suffering much lower levels of stress. Why wouldn’t you want to relocate your business to Yorkshire?

The Worst Place to Work

The research found Scotland and the South of England to be home to Britain’s most unsatisfied employees; 17% said that they are extremely unhappy at work, 1 in 6 saying that they do not find their work interesting at all and over a quarter of them saying that they don’t have good friends at their workplace and do not get along with their teams. Londoners do however seem to get the most sense of accomplishment from their work, but at the same time they reported the highest levels of stress.

The Decision is Yours

What do you think? Could moving to Yorkshire be for you? We would definitely advise that you look into it some more… Visit Yorkshire, meet Yorkshire businesses and talk to people first hand, see what they think and see if this research is correct. What have you got to lose?

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