Michael Anastassiades and His Reductionist Design Philosophy

Michael Anastassiades and His Reductionist Design Philosophy

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“Everything I’ve done in my life has been out of a process of elimination,” world-renowned designer lighting expert Michael Anastassiades tells an Australian online magazine in an interview. In a world where we want to acquire more, this designer has been reducing and eliminating which quite ironically resulted in some of the most beautiful lights that are works of art.

Who is Michael Anastassiades?

Michael Anastassiades is a Cyprus-born designer who now works and resides in London. From being a civil student at Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine in London, Anastassiades proceeded to take his masters in Industrial Design from the Royal College of Art. In 1994, he decided to put up his studio and started his designing work which earned him fame and recognition.

His works are in prominent display in museums like in V&A in London and MoMA in New York. He has also held several exhibitions around the world such as Stockholm, Istanbul, Vienna, and Cyprus. He has also collaborated with the world’s famous brands like FLOS and Herman Miller.

The Anastassiades Design Philosophy

Perhaps the most notable thing about Anastassiades’ design philosophy is minimalism and reductionist. He loves to create art with less, resulting in one that’s intriguing and eye-catching in its simplicity.

Anastassiades believes that his minimalist design philosophy resonates loudly with his overall life perspective. In that same interview, he says that “I always tried many things to realize that this is not what I wanted to do. I guess it’s a very slow process of finding out what you really want to do with your life.”

The life and works of Michael Anastassiades tell us that life that doesn’t have to be a race, and so are our work processes. He says he prefers to do things slower than others because he gets the time to put in more thought and consideration into his work. “You do things because you want to do things, not because it’s a reaction,” Anastassiades adds.

Anastassiades designs are often elemental in nature, saying that he always begins working with a glow. He loves to work with elemental shapes such as tubes, spheres, and cylinders, paired with bronze, mirror, and crystal to create a stunning effect.

Natural Vs. Artificial Light

According to Anastassiades, he loves natural light. He says that natural light is an abundant resource in our world and can inspire us to create and design. And while natural lighting is the best form of light, he believes that we can never try to replace night by day. Designing artificial light shouldn’t be to isolate one with the other. Instead, artificial lighting should interact freely with our surroundings.


Today, Anastassiades’ works continue to stun and impress the world. His works aren’t merely products for profit but are born out of the passion of creating and designing that speaks and relates to nature. His works are discrete and straightforward, but it is in this simplicity that such products become thought-provoking.