Mole Removal in Berkshire

Mole Removal in Berkshire

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The word “mole” is likely to have evolved from moldwarp, a Middle English word which means “earth thrower.”

Moles are native to the UK and are the only pest which man wasn’t responsible for introducing. In the UK, there are an estimated 35-40 million moles and they are normally the Common or European Mole. In Latin: Talpa europaea.

That’s probably many more than you thought.

Unfortunately, the presence of just one of these critters can lead to injury, weakened earth, molehills, roots and machinery damage, plus the sensation that as a gardener, grounds-person or farmer you are fighting a losing battle.

Deterrents work reasonably well and there are a variety of DIY methods which allegedly remove moles but several of them have no scientific basis and many won’t provide a long-term solution. One of the favourite waste of time treatments is pouring castor oil in to the tunnels. The experts will correctly tell you that to achieve a mole free space you need to speak to professionally qualified and experienced mole removal pest controllers.

Berkshire pest control

2017 seems to have brought an influx of moles to the Newbury area which is keeping Berkshire pest control specialists rather busy. We don’t know exactly why Newbury is such a mole hot spot but if you find a mole has made their home on your land, domestic or commercial, call in a firm like Pest Control Berkshire.

Mole removal through pest control services providers normally involves trapping but in less frequent cases in which gas needs to be used, only qualified experts should take on this task which deals with the issue humanely.

Berkshire pest control firms will usually set traps and agree a time to return with the client.

A strong work ethic

Moles have more red blood cells than many animals and this allows them to live underground and to dig tunnels at a dynamic rate. According to the British Mole Catchers Register, the average mole can shift more than 540 times their own body weight in one day’s work and toil at 4 metres per hour. Impressive but highly dangerous for the humans and animals above ground who suffer the consequences of their industrious natures.

In a 24-hour period, they’ll dig for 3 shifts of 4 hours and sleep for another set of 3 X 4 hours and that’s how they make exceptionally speedy progress. Their paws are built for their work and they use their snout, sensitive hair and whiskers to feel their way along the tunnel as they go. They need to eat approximately 20 worms per day.

They are light sensitive rather than blind but you won’t see a mole sunbathing. They’re nocturnal. Just think, Berkshire pest control firms would have an easier task if the moles reclined gracefully in deckchairs reading the newspaper waiting for operatives to visit. If only it was so simple (and cute.) They’re cleverer than that.

Mole removal Berkshire pest control specialists are just a phone call or e-mail away.

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