Prayer candles for connecting with god

Prayer candles for connecting with god

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Candles have been used for thousands of years to gain spiritual insight and communicate with god. The colour of candles, flickering of flames, brightness of glow, etc. are said to hold many types of hidden significance. Candles are also deemed useful for carrying prayers to the other world.

The online store wisdomproducts brings you an assortment of candles for both spiritual and decorative purposes.

Types of candles available

7 day 7 colour road opener candle is used to invoke the blessings of the holy spirits to overcome all the impediments of life and open the path to wealth, success and happiness. This is a skillfully designed candle featuring seven colours and various magnificent artworks. Another example of road opener candles is the 7 day 3 colours candle featuring a blend of orange, green and gold colours. The road opener candles are long burning with about 120 hours of burning capacity. They are about 8 inches tall with a width of 2 inches.

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7 Day Do As I Say candle has a mix of Golden and Purple colours. This candle can be burnt to make others obey your instructions and pay heed to your suggestions. Praying to this candle helps other people in changing their minds and act according to your wishes.

7 day Adam and Eve candle in Red/Yellow colour combination is another innovative candle present in the online store. This candle is burnt to enhance love between two individuals and is especially beneficial in the aftermath of arguments. A prayer invoking the love of Adam and Eve can be uttered in front of the candle to ask for strength and attractiveness.

Another eye-catching candle is the 7 day candle with an image of John The Conqueror. The candle has purple colour on the top and bottom portions while gold colour nestles in the middle. Burning this candle is beneficial for bringing good luck and money.

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