Santeria Candles to help you out

Santeria Candles to help you out

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The use of candles in Santeria religion is quite common. These candles are made using glass and are made available in the variety of colors and design. There are total 7 candles that you can use on each day of the week. Each candle has its own name and has its own purpose. These Santeria candles are used in many different ways to show the path to those people who are confused and need spiritual help. It is important to interpret these candles to know the cause and get fast and effective results. To know more about these candles, you can visit us.

Interpretation of candles

Mentioned below are some of the interpretations of these candles such as:

  • If the candle explodes: If the candle explodes after it is being enlightened, then it means that the candle has protected you from something that is going to attack you. It also means that lots of negative energy are also directed towards you which are causing all the problems in your life.
  • If the candle doesn’t burn: If you are trying to burn your candle and the candle is not burning up, that means there is another type of spiritual cleaning that needs to be done to proceed with this spiritual program. It is must that all the negativity must be removed from the place before starting the candle ritual.
  • If the candle has high flame: If the candle provides you with a high flame then it means that your spells are very effective as well as will provide you with fast results. You can also test the candle to ensure that your place is free from any kind of negative energy.
  • If the candle has low flame: If the candle is burning with a low flame that means, there is still some negative energy left that needs to be removed from the place.