The Benefits of Folding Awnings

The Benefits of Folding Awnings

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Being fortunate enough to live in a country with a great climate brings its own downsides, especially when the mercury continues to rise and respite from the Sun is needed.

Luckily, retreating indoors and switching on the air conditioning isn’t the only option as there are a range of suitable products on the market to provide enough shade to most outdoor environments. Read on and we’ll tell you about the folding awning.

What is a Folding Awning?

An awning is a cover usually attached to the outside face of a building or structure. Typically made from fabric or vinyl, most awnings are retractable via the use of automation or a manually operated crank.

The fabric or vinyl cover will sit within a frame that is bolted to the building which can be extended to provide shade for those sitting or standing below.

Escape the Heat

Staying in direct exposure to the Sun for long periods of time can result in both short term and long term health complications. If you’re lucky, you’ll experience a mild case of sun burn which may see your skin blister and peel but much more severe cases of Sun exposure can lead to short term sickness. There is also of course the risk of skin cancer.

As well as wearing liberal amounts of sunscreen to protect against UV rays, installing an awning is a great way to remain outside but still experience the full benefits of the Sun’s warmth.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Most of us will gladly use the air conditioning during the Summer but there is no doubt that such systems are expensive to run. The load on any AC system is dramatically increased when operating in rooms featuring high solar gain.

To get around this, the use of an awning can provide some much needed shelter to the windows on the external elevation of your home, allowing you to leave your AC control panel at a more sensible level.

Create a New Room

Most people see their garden as an extension of their living space, and we wouldn’t disagree. Fitting a folding awning to your home can effectively extend this space and make it even more functional as you’re completely protected from the elements outside.

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No longer will you have to end your party when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Ease of Operation

As we mentioned, most awnings can be deployed and retracted at the touch of a button. Even the systems which utilise a manual opening and closing system don’t require much effort to operate. Within less than a minute you can have yours opened or closed, making them truly versatile.

Request a Quotation

As you would expect in a country with such abundant sunshine, there are many companies who are capable of fitting a foldable awning system to your home or business property. Folding awnings in Melbourne are available through one of several supplies operating in the region so get in touch with a couple for a consultation. Costs are usually competitive and aftersales assistance will always be offered.

Your parasols will soon be defunct once you install your own folding awning system.

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