The Top Signs You Need Emergency Repair on Your Roof

The Top Signs You Need Emergency Repair on Your Roof

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No homeowner wants to think about emergency roof repairs, but having an older roof or enduring conditions like harsh winters or extremely windy days can make your roof especially susceptible to serious damage. With that said, knowing if your roof actually needs emergency repairs can be difficult. Check for these signs to be sure:

  1. Missing shingles

Older roofs often start to lose their shingles. This doesn’t mean that actual structural damage has occurred yet, however. It does often mean that structural damage is right down the line as the shingles generally keep water, ice, and other elements from hurting the structural integrity of your roof.

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  1. Leaks in your attic

To know for sure whether or not you have leaks in your roof, check your attic. You may not see actual water dripping from the inside of your attic ceiling, but if you notice any water stains on the ceiling or walls of your attic, this likely means you have a leak.

  1. Critters in your attic or on your roof

Critters that are living in your attic or on your roof near the chimney or windows often means that tears are in order.

  1. A sagging roof

A sagging roof is not a good sign, and if you notice this, you should call a repair man right away. In some cases, it may mean that you need an entire new roof for your home, but if you check it early, a roof repairman may be able to go in and fix structural damage that will remedy the sagging.

Remember that if your home requires emergency roof repairs, make sure you act quickly. Roof repairs are much less expensive than having to replace your entire roof. But if you wait too long to get the repairs that you do need, extra damage may occur, and it may end up that an entire new roof is in order.

If you notice any of the signs listed above, put your mind at ease, and make the call today to have someone come and look at your roof.

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