Top Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Top Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

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Are you a homeowner? Is your house heating up yet you have installed an air conditioner? Probably, your air conditioner is faulty, and you need to check it out. An air conditioner that doesn’t run well can be costly regarding energy bills and comfortability, especially during summer. Luckily, with the tips below together with consulting San Antonio plumbers, you can keep your air conditioner running all the time.

Clear the area around your air conditioning system

Branches, leaves, and shrubs can hamper the free flow of air to your air conditioning system. Make sure that you clear anything near the unit. The free flow of air should help your system to run smoothly throughout the year.

Clean/replace the furnace filters

Make sure that you clean the air filters after every three months even during warm weather. Alternatively, you can replace your worn-out filters with new ones. Clogged filters overburden the furnace motor leading to consumption of more energy and reduced efficiency.

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Examine Your Thermostat

An old mechanical thermostat can suddenly break down causing problems with your AC system. You should consider replacing the mechanical thermostats with new programmable thermostats that do an excellent job in maintaining the right temperature for your home. Be sure to call an expert from San Antonio plumbers to install one for you at an affordable price.

Make sure that your air conditioner is inspected at the beginning of the hot season

Having an AC expert inspect your air conditioner at least once in a year ensure that the air conditioner is in good working condition all the time. Remember that if you fail to maintain your system, you shorten its lifespan and lead to a premature failure of the system. Call San Antonio Plumbers and have an experienced expert service your AC system before the summer starts.

Check the Condenser fan

The blades of the air conditioner usually get damaged or chipped and may require replacement. Remember that the air conditioner depends on the fan blades to bring in a steady flow of fresh air. Your AC unit is bound to fail if the blades are not in good working condition. Check the blades and if you discover that they need to be replaced, be sure to call in an expert to replace them for you.

Check the wiring of your AC unit frequently

Sometimes things get complicated due to poor wiring. Turn off the power of your AC unit before checking the wiring. If you discover any signs of trouble such as melted, blackened or burned wires, call in an expert immediately to rectify the problem before it causes more damage to your system.

There is a lot you can do as a homeowner to make sure that the AC unit is working properly. Additionally, choosing a reliable plumber from San Antonio plumbers will help your house remain comfortable to stay in.


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