What Revecuisine Offers?

What Revecuisine Offers?

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If you are looking for household furniture, you do not have to worry. From kitchen cabinets, bathroom sinks and cabinets, ceramic walls and furniture, Revecuisine Company got it covered.  Listed below are the products that they sell and their kinds:

  •    Kitchen Cabinets

All of their cabinets are measured in 10 by 10 feet. And they sell five different kinds of it.  The Antique White kitchen cabinet will make your kitchen area classy and elegant. If you want something luxurious to look at, the Shaker would be the right one for you. If you just want something simple but gives off a peaceful ambiance, then you have three options the Moka, Wall-Nat and the Cherry kitchen cabinets.

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  •    Bathroom Cabinets and Sinks

Their cabinets have different sizes. And like the kitchen cabinets, they also offer various kinds of it with different colors, structure, and designs. The same thing applies to their sinks, they are in different sizes and colors like some of them are white, brown and black. The structure or how their cabinets and sinks were designed and built was made perfectly.  It is so spacious that you can really place all of your bathroom things in it.

  •    Faucets

These are some of the faucets the company provides:  

Ball Faucet – you will immediately know that it is a ball faucet if you notice that its only handle moves over the ball-shaped cap. To adjust the flow and temperature of the water, just rotate the lever.

Cartridge Faucet – this can be in a single or double handle and both are operated differently. For a single handle, moving it to left and right lets you control the temperature and moving it up and down lets you control its water flow. The double handle works like the compression faucet, the only difference is stopping the flow of the water. In the compression, you need to fully tighten it, but in the double handle cartridge faucet, you just have to move it by half.

Ceramic Disc Faucet – can be easily identified by looking at its cylindrical handle or lever and its body.

Their products are all made from high-quality materials so it is to be expected that acquiring one of their products will cost you a fortune. But like what they say, always think about the product’s quality and not its price. For more details, you can visit their website www.revecuisine.net. Their contact information is also on the site so if you are interested in buying their products, you can call or email them immediately.

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